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The Olvi’s brand expands its horizon and strengthens its roots
for everyone to cherish the beauty of design.
Beauty comes in all forms and so does Olvi’s incorporate
it’s philosophy to all forms of life. 

This is our place for inspiration. Calming and inspiring, our space is perfect for all groups!

Personalized Catering 

Customized breakfast, lunch, and beverages other catering services with complimentary tea/coffee.

Outdoor Garden

House of Olvi's building offers a quiet garden and a tea house where all guests can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Unique Ambiance

Experience one of a kind ambiance with rich opulent decor for an unforgettable event. 

Personalized Catering 

Outdoor Garden

Unique Ambiance

olvi's rental room

Botanic Room


€ 60 / hour *

€ 650 / day

Olvi's garden

Tea House


€ 60 / hour *

€ 600 / day

Olvi's rental events

Catering Basic

incl. tea / coffee

€ 10 / person

Basic Package

*These prices are hourly based for renting space only excluding catering. kindly contact us for more details. We have exclusive combined offers for outdoor + indoor events !

The Botanic Room

The Botanic Room is the first level of this picturesque place. As the name hints at what you can expect, the carefully decorated interior reminds us of a magical garden blooming with green and flora.

The boardroom consists of a delightful meeting space with a board table that accommodates up to eight to ten guests.  There is also a breakaway room, which is complimentary to use in combination with the meeting room. The rooms are located on the first floor of the building. Easily accessible by elevator and staircase.

Meeting room - 9,5m x 4,5m

Breakaway room - 6,5m x 4,5m

Olvi's tea house decor interiors
meeting room1
olvi's rental room


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